Finest automatic gates and automatic barriers in Rimini

Automatic barriers for parking protect access into the parking space or business parking lot. You might also use the kits for site access or private road access. In automizioni Rimini you may discover street barriers and automatic retractable bollards with controller via a couple of coded remote controllers. The barrier automation is available in a variety of forms and may be asked for both right and left side mounting and will also be available with solar and battery operation, therefore without the need to connect power wires into the mains. You can configure the kit as you see fit, choosing yourself whether or not to use photocells and picking out the number of remote controls you would like.

If you reside in Rimini or even Rimini’s province and you are trying to find a provider of automatic gates, you’re in the ideal place. Kitautomazioni is an online store connected directly to the manufacturer and that provides automation for automatic gates and more. Motors for automatic gates are produced directly in Rimini and the Republic of San Marino (RSM). Kitautomazioni offers kit automation to automate all types of gates; you can buy automation for sliding gates, swing gates, folding gates, and invisible automation which utilizes robust underground motors.

Each kit offered comes complete with clear technical documentation for one simple installation and simple installation, automazione cancelli rimini supplies the whole automation, As you need it you can personalize the kit by selecting the amount of remote controls, the length and orientation of this barrier (right or left), along with the existence of any accessories such as mobile or fixed support ft, hedge, photocells, and reflective glue kits. You can find whatever you will need for your home or company automation, Made in Italy products, and with a 3-year guarantee, Parking management systems are also available for 64 parking areas. To generate further information kindly check out

You’ll find full kits for automatic gates in the online shop, whether they’re folding or with doors or sliding and powered at 24Vdc or 230Vac. Also available are automation kits for overhead doors and complete kits for chain-raising and barrier-raising systems, ideal as a system to safeguard your property or parking area. If you are in the Rimini area, you are able to make an appointment with us then to observe the automation directly in the production site, so they could dispel all the doubts concerning the quality and functionality of the kits they offer.

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